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1. The link below takes you to the signup page.  After you enter your information the signup software will automatically send you an email.  You have to reply to the email to confirm that you want to subscribe.

2. After you send the confirmation email, I will personally send you an email indicating that I have manually entered you on the mailing list.

So, UNLESS you receive an automatic email  AND  a personal email from me, you are NOT on the mailing list.

If you don't get the two emails, call me at 978 906-3299, tell me about the problem and leave your email information on the answering machine.  I will enter you on the mailing list manually and email you a confirmation.


Sorry this has to be so complicated, but all the spammers and hackers out there make life difficult for the rest of us.

If you ever want to unsubscribe, just email me

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